TerraMater during its trajectory has achieved to embody in its wines the best our Mother Earth can offer, positioning itself as one of the most important producers of the Maipo Valley. Its cellar, of unique design and surrounded by mountains, monitors and protects quietly our wines and the heart of the zone known as Isla de Maipo

It has a capacity of 8.5 million litres, state-of-the-art technology in stainless steel tanks, and a design that allows storing the wines under the best possible storage conditions, in a sustainable way. Its construction in 1998 included a ceiling that allows natural light to enter the building all day long, improving the working conditions of our collaborators, and saving energy. At the same time, its aerodynamic design retains hot air in the superior part of the building, allowing to keep our wines under optimal conditions of temperature and humidity, both naturally and friendly with the environment. 

Inside the installations our collaborators carefully manage all the production aspects, from the reception of the grapes, its process, until obtaining the excellent wines our different lines have, ensuring both quality and inocuity.

Our Barrel Room, built by the end of the 50’s, of high ceilings and robust design, allows to maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions to the more of 1,800 oak barrels that will give life to the Premium wines, which will have the chance to reach the most demanding palates of the world.

If you visit our installations in Isla de Maipo, you will also have the chance to make a tour through our vineyards, enjoy delicious dishes at our “Zinfandel” restaurant, and to visit our Sales Store, where you will find our best wines, extra virgin olive oils and a whole variety of products imported from Italy, that will help you experience what is passionate to us: to live the Mediterranean diet with family and friends.